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Global ERP implementations

Based on extensive experience with Global ERP implementations we list following Best Practices we consider as key success factors:

8 Golden Rules:

  1. Before starting the project first describe future wished flows and requirements
  2. Use a project manager with good business knowledge to ensure integration to core business
  3. An ERP implementation is not an IT-project, but a business project and needs business champions involved!
  4. Create a Core Solution but limit changes unless sure they will be used
  5. Create User Guides and Roll-out Templates to support the users and easy roll-out
  6. In most cases existing processes needs to be changed to follow best practices and the optimal flow with the new system – never just change the new ERP solution into the way the old system worked
  7. Never save on training and documentation
  8. Avoid parallel running – if you have testet well enough you know it’s working

For more information about our recommendations and experience you are very welcome to contact us.