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Global ERP implementations

According to numerous studies many ERP implementations go above budget and never give the expected benefit to the organisation.

If the system should be used globally this adds further to the complexity. To obtain benefits of a global system the level of preparation and documentation should be much higher than for a single local implementation.

Furthermore strong Project Management is essential as global implementations will only be really successful if managed strongly from a central point of view to assure that local implementations are done in a uniform way. In many projects this will be the most difficult task as local companies tend to believe their processes are unique to their company or country and cannot be done the common way.

Finally ERP implementations should never be managed as IT projects but driven with business people to assure that user requirements, processes and solutions are well defined with roots in business.

For more advice with regards to global ERP projects also see our 8 Golden ERP Rules.

GLOBE ACCOUNTING can offer following services in connections with Global ERP implementations:

  • Project management
  • Project assistance, documenting user requirements, business processes etc.
  • Implementation and roll-out assistance
  • Advising/investigation about legal accounting or VAT/Tax requirements in different countries
  • User Training or Core Team Training
  • Independent solution review
  • Independent Dynamics NAV design review